Our NPTEL Videos
LIVE _ Innovation and Entrepreneurship - the Cure as well as Vaccine for COVID-19

Dr. Partha Pratim Das And Dr. Mrigank Sharad

LIVE _ Entrepreneurial Motivation

Dr. Manoj K Mondal

LIVE _ AI and Data Science in the times of COVID

Dr. Partha Pratim Chakrabarti

LIVE _ Business Model Innovation in post-COVID Scenario

Dr. Ram Babu Roy

LIVE _ Creating and Growing New Ventures in the Post - COVID Scenario

Dr. Manoj K Mondal

LIVE _ Post-Covid Impact on Consumer Behaviour, Business Processes, and Finance for Startups

Dr. Bhaskar Bhowmick

LIVE _ Post-COVID Supply Chain Network: Opportunities and Challenges

Dr. Manoj K Tiwari

Live _ Macroeconomic Effects and Entrepreneurship in Economic Crisis amidst COVID19

Dr. Prabha Bhola

Live _ Financial Management for Startups in times of COVID 19 Crisis

Dr. Titas Bhattacharjee

Live _ Post-COVID Business Opportunities in Healthcare

Dr. Ram Babu Roy

Live _ Innovation and Frugal Product Engineering: Quest signalled by COVID

Dr. Pranab K Dan

Live _ Product Innovation Opportunities Generated by COVID

Dr. Basab Chakraborty

Live _ Post COVID Agriculture and Food Security: Decoding Agri Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Dr. Mamoni Banerjee

Live _ Innovating Education & Skills for Digital Economy

Dr. Kris Singh

Live _ Social Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Dr. Mrigank Sharad AND Dr. Partha Pratim Das

LIVE _ Going Local

Dr. Mrigank Sharad AND Dr. Partha Pratim Das

Alumni Interaction Series
Alumni Talk

This is the first of the videos in the Alumni Interaction Series, wherein we will be interacting and interviewing alumni from IITKGP, who have co-founded start-ups.

Alumni Talk

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started." HeadStart presents you the second interview in the Alumni Connect Series, where we have with us, Mr V Gopikrishnan, an IIT KGP and IIM B Alumnus, who had launched an IT-enabled Construction Firm, BuildNext.

Alumni Talk

Welcome back to our third interview in the Alumni Connect Series. Today, we have with us, Arnab Kumar, an IIT Kharagpur Alumnus, Ex VP, Gymkhana and a Serial Entrepreneur, Recorded by Mrigank Sharad, Faculty and Alumnus, IIT Kharagpur

Alumni Talk

HeadStart's Alumni Connect Series brings to you, an interview with Kumar Puspesh, co-founder of India's Fastest Growing Mobile Game Company, Best Outgoing Student of IIT Kharagpur, '08 batch. Learn his perspective on "Starting up as Student".

Alumni Talk

HeadStart's Alumni Connect Series brings to you, an interview with Aniruddha Sharma & Prateek Bumb, co-founders of Carbon Clean Solution Limited based in Great Britain, UK. Last year, Prateek was awarded the Young Alumni Achiever Award by IIT Kharagpur. "Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs"-staying true to it, the duo is an example of starting up as students and taking off to great success in a few years.